"I invited Sara Jackson from SJ Health to come and perform the nutrition segments for our first Wellbeing Week. She has been absolutely amazing - she spoke about nutrition, she spoke about work/life balance. I had very good feedback and hopefully I will be able to ask Sara back on a regular basis… I think it is vital today to organise this type of activity because it boosts motivation and work performance. So it is very much a win win situation both for the employees and the business."*

Operations Manager, LVMH

"I’ve just heard Sara Jackson’s talk on health and wellbeing here at LVMH. I found it absolutely inspirational - really invigorating. I liked the way you can supplement your health (with the right nutrition) to boost productivity at work to make you more efficient, more motivated and I would really encourage others to get involved"*

Moët Hennessy, LVMH

"Sara has really helped me to achieve my goals. She is always thorough in her evaluations and is always eager to find the missing part of the puzzle in order for me to feel my best and most importantly, she really wants that too. I was struggling with a number of issues such as weight loss, breakouts and anxiety. Sara was quick to identify what was wrong and gave me an in depth plan outlining was food I should be eating more of and what I should avoid, as well as a few supplements for added support. My breakouts have become less frequent and I have managed to put on some healthy weight. My anxiety still has a little way to go but I've made huge improvements since I started this journey and I have faith that with continued hard work and seeing Sara I can be where I want to be."*

Fashion Model, 26

"Sara organised and ran a workshop for our models on a Saturday afternoon. From start to finish, it was jam packed with perfectly tailored health and nutrition advice, facts and information all centred around fresh, delicious recipes which she demonstrated with ease to her captive audience.  Our models loved getting involved making smoothies and sampling home-made bliss balls, pesto and not forgetting the most amazing banana bread! Sara is warm, passionate and clear in her vision.  She has a strong understanding of her client's needs and I could not recommend her more highly."*

The Hive Management

"Sara first saw my son when he was 4years old, I just wish I had taken him sooner. My son had suffered from respiratory and low immunity issues since he was 6 months old. He was my first child and doctors just advised me that constant sickness was "normal" for children. At 4 years old he had been on and off steroid medications for years, had countless days off childcare and travelling was always challenging as he always got sick. Keeping him on the steroid medication was not an option so I sought Sara's advice. I had always made sure my family ate healthy, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables but her detailed plan took this to a whole new level. She was very thorough in understanding his history and developing the right plan for him. The recipes were not only very tasty but easy to prepare. The whole family has benefited from the changes. It has now been 6 months since we last saw Sara and my son is going really well, a minor cold earlier in the year and the odd stomach bug but he is much stronger and healthier than he has ever been. We have been traveling around Europe for the last 4 months and he hasn't had any issues on the whole trip! We are still keeping up most of the program that Sara provided during our travels with minimal fuss and easy cooking options. It is now just part of our families everyday lifestyle and we are all seeing the benefits and most importantly my son has not taken any steroid medication for over 6 months. I could not be happier with the results - thanks Sara"*

Full time mother

"Sara helped me both physically and mentally through my struggle to conceive our second child, the IVF process and now with my pregnancy. She is immensely knowledgable, thorough and was able to tailor her advice to my changing circumstances and medication requirements. Her advice is incredibly detailed whilst being able to find a comprehensive and realistic plan with a holistic approach. She is so warm, caring and understanding, I could not recommend her more highly."*

LARA, 37
Full time mother

"Some 7 months ago I was knocked for 6.  Three major strokes over a couple of days and a history of poor heart health, weight issues, high cholesterol and a diagnosis of diabetes 2.  I needed to change my habits or else face an early retirement to the game of life.  I chose the former!
With the assistance of a very patient Sara, I had in my surgeon’s and cardiologist’s opinion performed a ‘miraculous recovery'.
Firstly the weight........a reduction of 16 kg! My weight loss was not hard to do but needed specialist dietary knowledge and persistence from Sara to make sure I got the results I required.  I can honestly say I love oat porridge 4 times a week for breakfast.
Everything else seemed to cholesterol was halved, my blood pressure reduced to within the healthy range. Sara worked alongside my doctors and the number of medications I took twice daily, reduced significantly.
I have saved the best to last!  After 3 months of working on a regular basis with Sara to control my weight and cholesterol through diet and exercise I visited my cardiologist.  He was gobsmacked that in 90 days we were able to reverse my diabetes 2.
My heartfelt thanks goes out to the knowledgeable and caring Sara Jackson who without any doubt has prolonged my life significantly through her easy to follow, common sense approaches.
I recommend her to anyone wishing to live a happier, healthier and longer life

Company Director

"Unless you’re lucky (and once you start trying you realise the lucky ones are actually in the minority) then getting pregnant can feel hopeless and time-consuming. For me, I just felt my body was a law unto itself. We were doing everything we could, tests showed that there was nothing wrong - but still no joy. I found Sara to be really compassionate, kind, positive and reassuringly expert. She gave me a realistic plan to help increase my fertility and – importantly – it was manageable. She had faith in what we were trying to achieve, and I felt like I was back in the driving seat with my body.
She’s now helping me through my pregnancy, providing another bespoke healthy eating plan, plus her usual positive attitude. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."*


"I went to see Sara with my kids (14 months and 5yrs) who always seem to get sick along with me, who they share everything with!
What she did was extraordinary… using nutrition and naturopathy alone. She is an absolute gem and a rarity. I took her advice on board and none of us have been ill since our first consultation.                                                                                                                       
Please go and see her if you need any help at all with your family health"*

LISA, 34
Full time mother

"I went to see Sara for issues with PMS and anxiety.  At the time, these affected my quality of life and my anxiety levels were an issue that impacted my enjoyment of life and held me back from taking on new challenges.I felt that Sara really took the time to listen to my story and took my concerns seriously.  She really seemed to understand and this was evident in the plan she developed for me.  A year later and I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better!  My PMS is now a minor irritation, and my anxiety has improved tremendously, to the extent that I feel really in control of it, instead of the other way round.
She is a very caring individual who is very passionate about helping people improve their lives and health.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend friends and family on to Sara and can’t thank her enough for the difference she’s made to my life.  She really is an inspiration!"*

Bowen Therapist

"I had begun to suffer from coughs and colds more and more each year. This was affecting my throat very badly and therefore the sound of my voice (which I rely on for my work in TV and radio).
Sara suggested a treatment plan which is now part of my daily routine, and within a few weeks I could feel my immune system really improving. It has made a big difference to my health.
Instead of the infection getting worse and leading to a full-blown cold or even bronchitis, it all subsides within 24 hours now!
I really appreciate Sara’s advice!"*

Voiceovers for TV and radio

*results are subjective and may vary from person to person.