I often get asked about which products are the best choices, and advice on specific brands to buy when you’re out shopping. If we’re serious about our health, we have to start in the kitchen. By surrounding ourselves with gorgeous, fresh food and the makings of healthy meals and snacks, we are more likely to crave nutritious food rather than quick carb and sugar fixes. Food labelling is a minefield - even foods labelled ‘organic’, ‘pure’, ‘whole’, ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ might not be all they seem - they can be laden with toxins, fungicides, and genetic modification. Whilst some of these items might not have had anything ‘added’ to it, they can still have had all the goodness removed. So it’s essential to understand the fine print to be sure about what you’re putting into your body.

If you just don’t have the time or energy to devote to this, let me come and help you. I will come and work with you in your own home to give your pantry cupboards and fridge a health makeover. I can look at your weekly staples and recommend the healthiest options and most natural choices for you and your families, for example I can look at your cooking oils which baffle most people- which ones are carcinogenic - which ones are safe? I might just inspire you to reduce your ‘repeat foods’ that you buy week in, week out and consider some new ingredients, leading to a broader range of nutrients, and a better cooking vocabulary!

I can give you plenty of tips on how to get organised with your weekly shop, how to eat in line with the seasons, preparing and cooking healthy food, reducing your waste and saving money while improving your health. If you shop online, we can go through your typical shop and I can be your virtual ‘personal food shopper’.

I offer a 'Shopping Lesson' where we could walk the aisles of your regular supermarket and explain what to look out for and make sense of the very confusing food labelling, marketing and packaging out there.