28 Day Fast Plan - Complete coaching package.


28 Day Fast Plan - Complete coaching package.


What you get:

- Personalised 60 minute health consultation, with goal setting, a nutrition and lifestyle plan to suit you and your life. Consult done in person or via Skype from anywhere in the world.

- Recommended supplement advice to help support your body systems and make seamless transformative changes to your health.

- Four weekly coaching calls. Have Sara for 15 minutes at a set time each week to suit your work schedule, to answer all your questions and ensure you are working toward your goals.

- A full 28 day’s worth of 5:2 fasting day recipes and plenty of helpful tips and tricks from the experts. 

These recipes have been specially formulated in terms of calories and nutrients to provide you with the energy you need, while tasting delicious and being quick to prepare.

- One 30-45 min follow up at week 4 of the programme. This will result in  your personalised treatment plan to achieve sustainable weight loss and long term better health. 

- Instructions and guiders to help you get started.

- Access to our exclusive Facebook support group to help you inspire and be inspired, and to pick up tips and moral support from our growing group of intermittent fasters.

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