Top five reasons to love avocados

Avocado - it has it all

Avocado - it has it all


So they are the most photographer food of all time and who doesn’t love some avocado on toast with their fave toppings? I know we all love our avo’s. But do you know just why they’re so amazing for you? Apart from being delicious, they’re high in fiber, potassium and lots of key vitamins.  They love us back with their healthy fats that help our overall health. Whether we’re trying to balance hormones, take care of our skin and hair, or balance our blood sugars for disease prevention and weight management...they got it all. They :

  1. HELP YOUR HEART. As long as you already have a good well balanced diet, they lower your risk of heart disease, improve good cholesterol, reduce inflammation and lower oxidative stress in your blood stream.
  2. CAN HELP WITH WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. Thanks to all their fibre, you can feel fuller and more satisfied after eating a meal containing some avocado.
  3.  ARE SUPER HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS AND PHYTONUTRIENTS which we need to protect our cells from free radical damage while protecting your skin from fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing.
  4.  HIGH IN FIBRE - just one avocado gives us about 14 grams of gut friendly fibre which boosts digestion and balances blood sugar levels which is the key to reducing type 2 diabetes and keeping a stable weight.
  5. DOUBLE AS A NUTRIENT BOSTER. They actually help the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K which we need to keep our bodies healthy, on top of the 20 vitamins, minerals and photo nutrients they boast on their own.

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