Ten easy ways to get healthier now

  1. START YOUR DAY RIGHT with a glass of warm water half a squeezed lemon and a 1/2 tspn of apple cider vinegar - this will instantly wake up your metabolism and kick start your liver and digestive system for the day.
  2. EAT A SAVOURY BREAKFAST to prevent sugar cravings later in the day. A great option is a poached egg on rye toast, sauteed veggies or smashed avo on sourdough toast with chilli flakes.
  3. DRINK AT LEAST TWO LITRES OF TEPID WATER (this includes herbal tea). Every system in your body depends on water - water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides moisture for ear, nose and throat tissues.Even mild dehydration can drain you and make you tired.
  4. GRILL OR BAKE AN EXTRA PROTEIN SERVING like fish or organic chicken at dinner to throw on a salad for lunch the next day.
  5. AVOID GETTING DISTRACTED WHILE YOU EAT. People eat more when they’re multi tasking and there’s proof that mindful eating (being aware of the taste, colours, flavour, smell of your food) improves digestion and can help with weight loss. Chew well and relax when you eat.
  6. NO WEIRD COLOURS, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES OR FLAVOURINGS - food should come from nature, not a laboratory. Easiest way to avoid them is to eat mainly fresh and only lightly processed foods (such as canned tomatoes and frozen vegetables).
  7. WAIT TWO HOURS after eating to exercise or sleep - this boosts digestion, reduces bloating and heartburn.
  8. CHOOSE WHOLEFOODS OVER PROCESSED EVERYTIME. Try to stick with eating whole foods (grains, beans, fruits) or foods you’ve prepared yourself. Though sometimes they may have more calories, you will definitely be getting more nutritional value than what you’d be getting from processed alternatives, such as loads of extra salt, sugar and preservatives.
  9. CUT BACK ON SALT Instead of loading up your heart’s nemesis, salt, try using herbs and spices which give you flavour plus a surprising amount of nutritional value. Here are some proven health benefits : turmeric is cancer fighting, oregano removes fungus and fungal infections like candida, cayenne and cinamon help battle diabetes and obesity and rosemary improves your memory and concentration.
  10. MAKE SMART FOOD SWAPS to get more out of your food... Instead of drinking apple juice, eat an apple so you’re actually getting the fibre which prevents blood sugar peaks. Instead of eating shop bought sugar laden cereals, make your own delicious granola (recipe on my blog), swap milk chocolate for organic dark chocolate.

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I hope you’ve found these tips useful, but if you need further in depth professional advice about this or any other topic, then please get in touch to book an appointment today. I look forward to meeting with you soon!