Naturopathy is a complementary form of functional medicine that involves preventing, assessing and supporting conditions of the body and mind. 

Naturopathy helps you get your body back to an optimum state of health and wellbeing by drawing on your natural healing abilities and will leave you feeling amazing, strong and vibrant, whilst preventing chronic disease in the future.

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This natural state of balance and wellbeing can be achieved with a variety of treatments which can range from a gentle detoxification process to nutritional and dietary recommendations, supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathy, iridology, Bach flowers, tissues salts, lifestyle changes, exercise, essential oils and looking at your thought patterns. You may need a combination of these modalities to restore the body back to optimum health and free itself of 'dis-ease'.

What you can expect? As a naturopath I use many diagnostic tools, like Iridology and tongue and nail analysis to uncover various causes of poor health, along with an extensive consultation that considers your full health history and an in depth study of all your presenting symptoms. Various functional tests may also be required following a Naturopathic consultation.

Babies and children also respond really well to naturopathy and I get great results with common childhood and developmental health disorders like ear infection, food sensitivities, digestive complaints, diarrhoea, constipation and eczema, among others.