Is there such a thing as a healthy detox?

I was one of the experts asked to contribute to this interesting article for Bodyism. "I also want to show you that the meaning of a detox has been ruined by so many. I’ve asked my favourite experts whether there is such a thing as a genuinely healthy detox” – James Duigan

Sara Jackson- Nutritional Therapist

Yes….there absolutely is such a thing as a healthy detox. But it’s not the juice cleanse or 5 day fast that may spring to mind when you think of the word ‘detox’. This style of detox can be extreme and in my opinion, perpetuates a number of health myths out there. For most of us, that kind of detox programme is totally unnecessary since our bodies naturally detox round the clock anyway – it’s what our livers are designed to do. We can however support this natural detoxification process by embracing a balanced lifestyle that can start with a healthy cleanse and putting back in a ton of the good stuff. That applies to the whole shebang – mind, body and spirit. Eating more nutritious, real foods particularly green leafy veg, quality protein, healthy fats and plenty of fibre alongside some foods to support gut function is what I would describe as a ‘healthy detox’. Restricting or eliminating things like sugar, refined processed foods, caffeine and alcohol, upping your water game, moving more, getting quality sleep, chewing and eating your food more mindfully is in my opinion, going to have a far greater impact than a juice fast, any day. Throw in some meditation and breathing exercises then you’re on your way to instilling some of the most game-changing habits that will support your body in more ways than you can imagine, and set you on a path to better health for the long term.
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Bonnie Stowell – Founder of Spring Green London

The term detox is a tricky one. Spring Green likes to think of healthy as trying your best to stick to a ‘no added sugar’ attitude aiming to eat healthy fats and whole grains with a rainbow of plant based foods. If you have had a few unhealthy weeks of indulgence a detox may help you stop your body craving certain unhealthy foods that you may have got used to eating and drinking.It all comes down to listening to our own bodies and eliminating the things that don’t work for us.
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