Learn How To Bring More Positive Energy Into Your Life

I've been lucky enough to be invited to speak about ENERGY for Refinery29 and Adidas on an expert panel following a run they're hosting for women in East London.

Guess what? We're hosting a monthly running club in collaboration with adidas at their excellent fitness space for women, 152 Brick Lane.

This month's run, on Wednesday 26th July, will be hosted by R29 UK's Director of International Strategy and Development, Kristin Cardwell. This month's post-run event will be a panel with Life Coach Iris Smyth, Naturopath and Nutritionist Sara Jackson, and Ellie Seilern, a Reiki And AromaTouch Practitioner. The talk will be all about energising your life and learning about all the different ways in which you can bring more positive energy – mental and physical – into your daily life.

These sessions are first-come, first-served but don't worry – there's space for everyone on the run and if you miss this one, there's always next month!

Go here to sign up. See you there!

Upcoming Refinery29 x adidas Runners events:
26th July
30th August
27th September
25th October

Post run talk for Adidas and Refinery29

Post run talk for Adidas and Refinery29