One ingredient Watermelon Ice in two simple steps !

Watermelon is my ultimate Summer crush. So when we've experienced the longest hottest Summer for decades, we've got to get creative with the old faves. This is the most refreshing treat when you just can't cool down. Totally natural & so hydrating....why aren't you freezing your watermelon already?!

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Crushing on this simple watermelon ice...

Did you know that watermelon carries a whole host of health boosters like :

- The antioxidants vitamin C & Lycopene. Lycopene is a known cancer fighter. Watermelon may also reduce the risk of heart disease for some.  

- Carrying Amino acids which can protect you against diabetes, and encourage quicker workout recovery times

- Potassium which works to keep our nerves happy - 1 cup has a whopping 170 mg of potassium !

- Reducing inflammation and keeping our pH levels more balanced 

- All important electrolytes which can help us handle the heat better


Fresh watermelon, and a high speed blender (1/4 large watermelon serves 4 people)


1. Deseed your watermelon. cube & freeze it in 1-cup portions.

2. Blend up 1 cup of watermelon per person & serve immediately.

Top tips - you could blend the watermelon with some ground chia or flax seeds to add a bit of useful protein, or add some zingy lime or fresh mint if you have any. 

Freeze any leftovers and go again another hot day.