Pai Skincare Wellness Week

Food vs Mood

Pai skincare has always been one of my fave skincare brands for clients with sensitive skin, so I was thrilled to be invited to cover Nutrition for their Wellness Week. We focused on Mood vs Food and the role food and our lifestyle can play on influencing our mood.  It went super well - they were all so interested & enthusiastic in what I had to share with the group & they all so loved their goodies. Thanks to all the extremely generous healthy brands for making it easier to show the group my fave examples of the products and nutrients I discussed In the talk. I thought I'd share a few nuggets below, from my talk.

Top Five Good Mood Nutrients

  1. Tryptophan Foods for feel- good hormones and neurotransmitters (oats, nuts, seeds, free range eggs and poultry)
  2. B Vitamins for energy and stable mood (grass fed beef, wild fish and leafy greens)
  3. Bioavailable calcium sources to calm down the nervous system (broccoli, sesame seeds, sardines)
  4. Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids to reduce inflammation, and help build hormones and neurotransmitters which we need for a good mood and a healthy brain (wild oily fish is best but you can get some omega 3 from seeds & spirulina)
  5. Iron which is crucial to help transport oxygen round our body, to keep fatigue and tiredness at bay (dark leafy greens, grass fed beef, lentils)

Last but not least, I also talked a lot about magnesium, but there is a whole post dedicated to my beloved magnesium. Just scroll down on my blog menu to learn more!

Looking forward to my next Wellness Event....